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Cold Winter Nights

Brrrrrr, enough already with the arctic temps. I swear my chickens tell me to turn the heat back on! I wish…

I did finish two more mosaic “paintings” and dropped off three pieces of art at VynnArt Gallery in Meredith. So if you are in Meredith, please stop in at VynnArt Gallery. Vynnie has lots of gorgeous paintings by lots of us local artists. Vynnie and I are planning a wine and mosaic (dip n sip idea) class soon. Wine, good friends and a fun evening out creating art is always a good thing! I’ll keep ya posted…

So here’s my newest creations…my bf loves this one:



Glass Mosaic

Solo Winter Glass Mosaic
Solo Winter
Glass Mosaic


Winter’s Blog

Old doors coming back to life Again....
Old doors coming back to life Again….

Good news is it’s good to have a wood stove this winter! Nice to be inside creating mosaics of my own designs. It’s like painting but with glass. A lovely combination

Soon my latest masterpieces will be in Vynnie’s fine hands at VynnArt Gallery in Meredith…do check them out and all the other gorgeous paintings Vynnie’s  has on display  🙂

I’m currently working on tree mosaics! Hopefully, tomorrow I will post a works-in-process  So you can have a sneak preview =)