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Hi,  I’m Liz with a pet family name as Betsey.   So if you are confused I don’t blame you.  I figure I have a pen name…As a professional artist I am Liz and as a country gal raised on a farm I’m known as betsey.

I love to paint. Oils and pastels are my two favorite mediums but the process of creating glass mosaics gives me the tactile pleasure of combining my love of painting into a three dimensional glass art form.  From the new,  from the old and by combining both with man made recycled items as well as found materials from our nature’s own gems (i.e; seashells) it is a lovely process of designing new glass compositions into my mosaics.

I am definitely eclectic artist and have my whims in which I am always experimenting and learning from.  Although, I do blame most of my artsy whims on the weather.  Creating mosaics is a wonderful escape from the harsh NH winters by allowing me to watch it snow while being nice and warm inside my studio.  However,  during warmer months I love to be outside painting with my pastels and/or oils.

Hunkins Pond
Hunkins Pond

Here is one of my paintings of Hunkins Pond pasture made out of tiny pieces of glass and grout…also known as a mosaic

Thank you for checking out my website/blog. I am always creating art and will be updating my posts often. So please check in and see my latest creations. I welcome your comments.  Your feedback makes me a better artist!


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